About BAS

Adult Education at its Best
The mission of Berkeley Adult School is to provide adult learners with equal access to learner-centered lifelong education in a safe, supportive multicultural environment.

General Information

  • Founded in 1881.
  • Part of the Berkeley Unified School District and a member of the North Alameda Consortium for Adult Education (NACAE).
  • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  • We offer a wide variety of courses to address the needs and interests of our diverse community:
    English as a Second Language, Career and Technical Education, courses leading to a high school diploma or preparing adults for a high school equivalency exam (“Academic” programs), diverse programs tailored for Older Adults and for Adults with Disabilities, and an array of topics in our Community Education Program. We also offer Traffic Violators School for those allowed this option by the courts.

Our Academic and ESL programs are free.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students at Berkeley Adult School are learning to…

  • Identify and pursue personal learning goals

  • Work effectively and respectfully in a diverse community

  • Develop the self-confidence to engage and persist

  • Think critically

  • Communicate effectively

The FAQ page has a list of commonly asked questions about BAS.

The ESL FAQ page has commonly asked questions about our English as a Second Language program.

Programs, Services, General Information

  • Visit the Agencies page for City of Berkeley Resources and information on BAS partner programs serving a variety of needs in the community.
  • For jobs at BAS, go directly to http://www.edjoin.org/ for publicly listed openings.

> Blossom: Cultivation

The goal of Berkeley Adult School is to nurture the growth of its students for their continuing learning independence.

> Book: Education

Berkeley Adult School gives the learning tools and equal access to its students to further their educational needs.

> Base: Foundation

Berkeley Adult School provides the foundation and support for its students to help them succeed.

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