Frequently Asked Questions About Classes at BAS

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Visit the ESL FAQ page for more information on English as a Second Language classes

1. When can I register and when do classes begin?
Check the calendar page for the current term’s general schedule. Check the class listings for start dates. Note that many classes do not follow the nine- or ten-week system and that some classes allow enrollment at any time.
2. Do I have to live in Berkeley to take classes?
No. Anyone can take classes at BAS. Depending on your location, schedule and goals, you may also want to explore West Contra Costa Adult Education and Oakland Adult and Career Education
3. Can I enroll by phone?
Phone registration is available for some classes only during certain dates and times. Visit the Registration Information page for details. The office phone is (510) 644-6130.

Registration for most classes is available via postal mail, fax, or in person during regular office hours. Visit the registration page for full information.

Online registration is available for Community Education classes (music, languages, personal growth), Life-Long Learning classes, and Career Tech Ed classes. Some classes require in-person registration because an ID is required, or there is special processing: ESL, high school coursework, GED testing or test prep classes.

4. Do I need a credit card for online registration?
Yes. You need a credit card for online or fax registration. You can enroll in a class by mail with a check or credit card. In person, options include cash. Please do not mail cash.
5. Can I visit a class before deciding to take it?
Yes. For classes on campus you can obtain a Visitor’s Pass from the main office and drop in to see any class or meet the instructor. A Visitor’s Pass is good for 30 minutes.
For off-site classes in our Life-Long Learning and Adults With Disabilities Programs you may participate in one class meeting and then decide.
6. If the class is full should I attempt to get in anyway?
There are no official waiting lists for full classes. However, do check with the instructor on the first day of class to see if there are any last minute “no shows.”
7. Can I enroll in a class after it begins?
Most of the classes at BAS are open-enrollment, meaning students can join the class at any time. Check with the instructor of the class to discuss your situation.
8. How much does it cost to take a class?
Some classes have no registration fee (ESL, Adult Basic Education, and High School classes). Community Education, Career Tech Education and Life-Long Learning have registration fees; these are shown in the course listings in the printed catalog and on this website.
9. Do I have to buy a textbook?
Some classes require a textbook, and some do not. Check the course description in the catalog or online.
10. Do you have advising for students?
BAS has a Student Advisor who supports students managing difficulties with housing, childcare, transportation, health, and other issues that could become barriers to success. The Student Advisor works out of Office 12, near the Main Office.

• Alicia Carter: 10:00am-1:00pm on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
• evening hours on Tuesday, 5:30 pm -7:30 pm

BAS also has an academic counselor near the Main Office. Look for the “High School Diploma GED Office” sign.

11. Can I take ESL classes with a tourist (B-2) visa? Does the school issue I-20 (F-1) visa forms?
Our ESL classes are designed primarily for immigrants to the US. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions About ESL for more information.
12. What computer class should I take first? Should I take a Mac or Windows class?
We recommend that you begin with an Introduction to Computers class. For more information see the Career Overview page. The Windows platform (PC) is more widely used in business settings. Macintoshes (Mac) are more widely used in graphic design, publishing, web and social media development, and educational settings. You may wish to discuss your needs with one of our computer instructors before deciding.


For questions not answered here…
Email basinfo@berkeley.net

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