COVID Testing for In-Person Students, Week 1/3/2022

When we return from Winter Break, all students in in-person classes at BAS are to take a covid test. Self-test kits for at-home use were distributed to students on 12/16 and 12/17. If you will be returning to an in-person class the week of January 3, you should take a test the day you return to class and thee days prior to that. If you will be in class on Monday 1/3, you should take a first test 12/31 and a second test 1/3. If your first day back on campus will be 1/4, take covid tests on 1/1 and 1/4. The orange and white boxed kit contains two tests. Use them both.

Here are instructions for administering the test:
Link to the PDF instructions (English) Link to the PDF instructions (Spanish)

If you get a positive result to a test, please email Stay home from class.

If you did not receive a test kit, plan to come a little early the first day you come back the week of 1/3/2022. We will have tests available for use by in-person students. Go the the Multi-Purpose Room. The process of testing and getting the results takes about 20 minutes.

Remember that all students in in-person classes at BAS will have been fully vaccinated by 1/3/2022. This testing process helps us get us off to a good clean start with the implementation of the vaccination requirement policy.

For more about covid at BAS, click “COVID-19 INFORMATION” here or in the Quick Links box to the right.

Thanks, and have a safe holiday season.

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