ESL Classes Going Again! (Online)

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All ESL (English as a Second Language)classes are going now. Go to class on your phone, tablet or computer. We are also receiving new ESL students through 5/8/2020. Click here to register for ESL.

Students, if you want to return to your ESL class (online) and have not received an email from your teacher, email your teacher. Tell your teacher you want to go to class.  Here are teacher names and email addresses:


Thomas Cantrell –

Barbara Andrews –

Ximena Ruiz –

Jennifer Proffitt –

Bobbie Her –

Mary Schoen –

Carol Takaki –

Donna Pitetti –

Peggy Datz –

Laura Grossmann –

Boi Augustiny –

Larry Viles –


Bobbie Her –

Leslie Lang –

Elisabeth Garst –


Naomi Quinones –

Carol Parsons –

Amy Kaplan –

Doug Cronyn – 

Mel Martynn –

Jonah Hall –

Joyce Barison –

Cheryl Woolery –


…We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

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