Finish Your Diploma/GED

Thank you for your interest in finishing your high school diploma/GED at Berkeley Adult School.  We’re so proud of you wanting to continue your education at this time.

For the Fall 2022 semester, we expect to have many classes meeting in person, and some classes meeting online.

Fall 2022 Online registration for Academic classes is open beginning July 27, 2022

Classes will begin Monday August 15, 2022

Registration Dates

For Fall Term 1  :   7/27/22- 8/24/22

For Fall Term 2  :   9/26/22 – 11/1/22

Please call the Academic Counseling Office with any questions about Registration if the registration period is closed. 510-644-8963/510-981-9150.

Class dates

Fall Term 1 :    8/15/22 – 10/23/22

Fall Term 2:    10/24/22 – 1/13/23

How to Register & Enroll in 4 steps:

1-Complete the online Registration Form.  New students need to fill out the registration form. You are a NEW student If you did not attend BAS for the Spring 2022 semester. Click this link  Academic Registration Form– Then click on the Register Now button:

New & Returning Students need to complete ALL of the next steps

2Take the Assessment Tests. These are required of all students to help us place you in the right level classes.

There are 3 assessment testsA) Casas Reading B) Math C) Writing sample with questionnaire

A) CASAS Reading AssessmentClick this green link – Make an appointment to come to BAS to take this Reading assessment before being enrolled in classes.

B) Math assessment  This is an online assessment you do from home.  Click this link Math Assessment – to take the assessment. Hit “submit” when done.

C) Intake Questionnaire & Writing Sample. This is an online assessment you take from home. Click this link  Writing Sample & Questionnaire link. Hit “submit” when done.

When you finish the online Registration form, you’ll receive an email receipt with links to the Math Assessment & The Writing Sample with Questionnaire (the sender of the email is Those will be the same assessment links that are on this page.

You must COMPLETE the Intake Assessments prior to your meeting with the counselor.

3-Complete the Orientation. This will provide you with important information about the HSD/ABE/HSE programs, policies/procedure, & student support services. This step is not required at this time. Link is being updated.

AFTER you have completed the steps 1-3,

4Schedule an appointment with the counselor, Betsey Hoyt to get enrolled.

click this link to – Make your appointment with the counselor.  Meet with the counselor to A) Enroll in classes; B) Begin your Education Plan and goal setting; C) Review your transcript & your credits needed; D) Discuss various paths to earning your Diploma – HSD/HSE/NEDP.  The counselor will provide you with your schedule which includes classroom locations and/or Zoom links for your classes.

Start your classes!

**Important **New to BAS Students  High School Transcripts. Please email your previous high school transcript(s) to & This is highly recommended prior to your enrollment appointment with the counselor.

If you would like help with the Registration process, please contact our Counseling staff:

Betsey Hoyt, Academic Counselor,   510-981-9150 text/call JoAnne Rivera, High School Clerk, 510-644-8963 – call

Class Times

Classes are available mornings, afternoons and evenings. Some are offered on site at BAS & some are offered on Zoom.

See Catalog for class schedule – insert link here to Academic Catalog page

Get Ready

Keep all the rest that is on the page already

Get Ready

You will need a GMail account for these classes. If you don’t already have a GMail account, click this link to get a free Gmail account.

What you need to participate in BAS distance learning classes – Click here

Finish your High School Diploma or GED

Earn your high school diploma or prepare to pass a high school equivalency test. A high school diploma or equivalent can help you get a better job and help you succeed in job training and college. Getting a high school diploma or equivalent can show your children how important education is. High School classes are free and HSE.

The CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) is no longer required for a high school diploma. If you did not pass both parts of the CAHSEE, today you may be closer than you think to earning a high school diploma. Contact us!

Two Paths

You may choose to take classes that earn credits toward a high school diploma. Or you may take classes that help you prepare to pass a high school equivalency test (visit the GED/HiSET page). Our counselor can help you decide. Bring a transcript from the high school you attended most recently. Either path you choose begins with the same first step of Registration.

Class Times

Classes are available mornings, afternoons and evenings.

High School Diploma Requirements (for those taking high school classes at BAS)

BAS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  Required courses are offered in the fields of science, mathematics, social science, and language arts. Qualified students may choose to take a Computer class from BAS’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Courses at no charge.  Please see the counselor for more information. Students need a minimum of 140 credits to graduate.  A minimum of 10 credits must be earned at Berkeley Adult School to receive our diploma.

Independent Study

Independent Study offers a flexible scheduling option for earning credits toward a high school diploma. You meet with a teacher one-on-one for an hour a week. You do coursework on your own away from school. This option is for adults who are very busy and who have a lot of discipline and the ability to work on their own. The high school counselor can enroll qualified students into the Independent Study program.

Who May Enroll:

These classes are designed for people who live in Berkeley and the surrounding communities. Funding for these classes comes from the State of California. We cannot serve people who live outside of California.

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