Registration and Classes

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1. Can I register online or by telephone?
No. ESL students must register in person and take a placement exam to determine which level class is best. Yes, during the covid pandemic register online.
2. When can I register?
The first day you can enroll is late August of each school year. Visit the calendar page for dates. The last day to enroll is late April of each school year. The normal school year is late August to the middle of June. Visit the main ESL page for dates and details for this year. BAS does not have summer classes.
3. How do I register?
Visit the Main office to take an English test and sign up to attend an orientation session. After that, you begin classes. See the ESL page for registration steps.
4. Can I start in the middle of the term?
Yes, you can start in the middle of the term. Please keep in mind that it is best to start at the beginning if possible.
5. I will be in the Berkeley area for a month. Can I take a quick, concentrated English class?
Our ESL program is designed primarily for immigrants. BAS classes are not quick, concentrated lessons. They are meant to be taken over a period of at least 9-10 weeks. Visit UC Berkeley’s list of language programs in this area that may have classes that better meet your needs.
6. Can you give me a certificate or diploma after I complete an ESL class?
Sorry, BAS does not give certificates or diplomas for ESL classes.
7. How much does it cost? Can I get a refund if I decide to quit?
There is no registration or class fee for ESL classes. They are free to students, paid for by State and Federal tax dollars.


Visas, Travel Documents, Housing

1. What kind of visa is required to attend?
BAS does not have a visa requirement. Anyone can register for classes. Our ESL program is designed primarily for immigrants. We do not ask for documentation of student’s immigration status.
2. Can BAS help me get a visa?
No, BAS cannot help get a visa. We do not issue visas or documents guaranteeing or confirming registration before arrival in Berkeley. Our ESL program is designed primarily for immigrants who are already here.
3. Is there a residency requirement? How long do I have to stay in the U.S. before taking classes? Do I have to be living in Berkeley?
BAS classes are for people who live in Berkeley and the surrounding communities. Because our funding for ESL classes comes from the State of California, we allow only people who live in California to participate. You do not need to be a US citizen or a legal resident of the US. We do not ask about your citizenship status.
4. Do you provide housing or can you suggest appropriate facilities.
Sorry, we are not a university or college. We do not have housing facilities.
5. I need credits to qualify for a program. Do you provide credits?
No, we do not offer credits like a university. We can provide a transcript that shows which classes you attended and when (the number of hours is not included on the transcript). More information: Need a Transcript?


If classes at Berkeley Adult School do not work for you, visit the University of California Berkeley Campus web page for a list of other English classes in the area:

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